Virtual Tour of Mrs Red and Sons, Surry Hills

Mrs. Red & Sons, Surry Hills

Mrs Red and Sons is a unique boutique store located on Surry Hills’ Crown Street. Though small, it offers an experience like no other, and we were thrilled to provide Amorn and Wasan with our 360-degree photography services.

Client: Mrs Red and Sons, Surry Hills
Date: November, 2019
Services: Google Street View Tour, 360-degree photography

There’s a door on Crown Street, Surry Hills. You know the one. It’s hard to miss – it’s a beautiful eye-catching red, just across the road from The Clock. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a gateway to a magical land beyond. And you’d be right. Though perhaps not in the way that you think.

Stepping inside Mrs Red and Sons is a real treat. It’s a small boutique store that specialises in gifts, objets d’art, and curios with a distinctly oriental flavour. Just like the door.

The owners, Amorn and Wasan, clearly choose their stock with an eye for beautiful things, so every shelf in this tiny showroom has something that you’d want to take home with you. Either as a gift for someone else, or perhaps a gift for yourself. Or maybe you could get both. No-one will rush you, so take your time. Picking the perfect gift shouldn’t be rushed.

Whatever you choose, it will be wrapped beautifully and presented with care. And that’s Mrs Red & Sons’ hallmark. Everything is thoughtful, careful, and beautiful. The entire experience is unlike anything else you’re likely to experience in Sydney. So we’d really recommend that everyone tries it, at least once.

Our 360-degree photo shoot was not without its challenges, though. Being such a small store, there’s nowhere to hide – which is where the Farsight monitor on our Insta 360 Pro 2 comes in handy, allowing us to view the shot live, and trigger it remotely without needing line-of-sight to the camera. (But we still needed to cram ourselves into the small room behind the counter – which was pretty cosy!)

Amorn and Wasan were thrilled with the results, and we’re always thrilled when we hear how happy our clients are with their virtual tours. Even though this particular tour is only made of four photos (two external and two internal) it’s picked up nearly two thousand views at time of writing, and this figure will only grow over time.

And that’s the biggest benefit to small businesses looking to grow their exposure on Google Maps and Search. With Google placing high emphasis on local search results, having a presence that people can engage with is more important than ever. And once you’ve paid the low cost of getting YouThere.Media to create a compelling 360-degree virtual tour of your Sydney location and posting it on Street View, that’s it. There are no ongoing costs. And what business doesn’t want that, right?

Google Street View Virtual Tour – Mrs Red and Sons, Surry Hills

This is the virtual tour of Mrs Red and Sons as customers see it on Google Street View or Google Maps. View it in fullscreen to experience it at its best.

Working with Amorn and Wasan at Mrs Red & Sons was a delight. They were both really accommodating and made us feel really welcome – and hiding together in the cubby behind the counter certainly brought us together 🙂

And of course, after the shoot was finished, we were given a small gift, beautifully wrapped, and presented with care.


Getting more customers to your Sydney venue, shop, cafe or premises doesn’t need to be hard. Or expensive. We can get you started with a virtual tour on your Google My Business listing from just $199+GST. It can be as simple as a single panorama, or you can go big with a full set of 360-degree photographs that allow potential customers to move through your place on their mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

This virtual tour will appear on Google Maps and Google Street View whenever people search for businesses like yours, and over half of us are now using map-based data to guide our decisions – so you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of 360-degree photography. It works.

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We’ll swing by, have a chat, take a few shots and let you pick your favourite. Then we’ll take it away and process it (stitch, de-noise, HDR, ghost removal, and blur if required), before attaching it to your Google Maps business listing. The shoot can take as little as half an hour, and we make every effort to avoid disruption to your business.

If your business is a multi-room location, or you want a mix of indoor and outdoor photography, then our SMB 360 or Custom 360 virtual tour plans might be a better fit. With these options, you get both a Google Street View tour and a separately hosted virtual tour that your customers can ‘walk’ through.

It offers the best of both worlds. You get all of the customer engagement of a Google Street View tour, as well a tailor-made virtual tour that brings functionality like deep-linking and easy embedding to your website.


You can opt for third-party hosts like Cupix or Polygon, host it on your own servers, or ask us to host it on our own cloud. All of these solutions deliver your 360 panoramas in a format that lets your customers experience your venue from a number of different viewpoints – they’re awesome for larger venues, and let you to draw attention to specific services and benefits that you might offer.

Our Custom 360 plan is the best option for companies that believe in their brand. While Google doesn’t let you change their tour format, our custom virtual tour can look exactly the way you want it to. We’ll create custom loading animations, and the nadir logo will be branded to match your business. The tour can also include hotspots, callouts, and floorplan/contact us pages.

And if you want to be really creative, we can talk about our Live 360, timelapse and video options. They’re pretty special.

Each platform has its merits, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you so that you can make an informed choice about which suits your needs best. And if you have something specific in mind, and can’t see it in the pricing table, please get in touch. We’d love to hear what you’ve got lined up.


One-shot 360
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Minimal business disruption
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SMB 360
360-degree virtual tour
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Virtual tour creation
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Third-party or self-hosted options
Easy to embed on your website
Your choice of tour format
Full rights transfer (optional)
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Custom 360
Our premium package
Premium brand-compliant virtual tour
Twenty 8K HDR 360 panoramas
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Branded Virtual tour with hotspots
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Map, Floorplan, About Us elements
Standalone tour software (for USBs)
Video and Timelapse options
Self-hosted or cloud-based embed
Full rights transfer
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