Daniel Linnet Photographer AR business card

Linnet Foto Showcase Cards

Incredible photography deserves amazing business cards. QRARI markers make LinnetFoto's cards come alive with augmented reality.

Client: LinnetFoto, Sydney
Date: July 2, 2019
Services: Augmented Reality (AR)


It’s easy to take a good shot and call yourself a photographer, but it’s only when you come across a genuine master of this artform that you get some much-needed perspective on your own ability.

Daniel Linnet’s incredible images speak for themselves, and demonstrate an uncommon skill and dedication to his craft – you can’t produce work like this unless you love what you do.

So we were thrilled to get the opportunity to collaborate with Linnet Foto to create a showcase of his work using our QRARI augmented reality marker, which allows you to access rich AR experiences without having to download an application first.

The end result is a unique business card that puts a showcase of his best shots right in the hands of his clients.

Here’s the video montage we created for him, and you’ll find a demo of how it works further down the page.

When we showed Daniel what our QRARI codes can do, he knew that it would be a great way to engage with his clients – both current and prospective – in a way that ordinary business cards simply don’t.

Now, when he hands out one of these, he can be confident that it’s not going to end buried in the mess on someone’s desk, or filed in the bin.

Better still, Daniel understands that this is a truly unique experience that encourages people to engage with his work (and to show it to others). And it doesn’t cost any more to produce than an ordinary business card would.

Did he like how they turned out? Well, we asked him for a quote, and the response he gave us was “These cards are f**king brilliant.” So we’re taking that as a YES.

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