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How much does a Sydney Street View virtual tour cost?

For businesses and venues in Sydney, a Google Street View Tour / 360-degree Inside View from YouThere.Media starts from as little as $199+GST. This will give you an 8K HDR 360-degree panorama that has been stitched, de-ghosted, and selectively blurred and uploaded to your Google My Business profile.

That’s it. One and done.

Sydney Google Street View Photographer - The Fenwick, Balmain

Google doesn’t charge you for a Google My Business profile (and if you haven’t already claimed a Google My Business profile, we’d strongly recommend that you do so), and because the virtual tour is uploaded to Google Street View and shown on your Google My Business profile and Google Maps, there are no hosting costs to worry about.

So for $199+GST, you can get an engaging piece of next-generation media produced for you by a photographer with over twenty years’ production experience, which will gather views and new customers without any ongoing costs.

How much traffic does a Google Street View tour get?

We see a wide range of numbers from the different clients that we’ve produced Street View tours for already. They all have peaks and spikes that correspond with typical customer interest patterns – for example, an independent brewery can pick up 1000 views in a weekend but be relatively quiet Monday to Thursday. Our most popular tour so far collected 5K views in a week – and this was purely organic traffic. No campaign or marketing activity, just Google Maps and customers taking advantage of tools like Google My Business, Street View, and local search to find companies like yours.

One of the reasons 360-degree panoramas on Google My Business listings work so well is because they get pride of place on Google Maps searches. And Google is pushing local search results very hard these days. When people find your business on Google Maps, they’ll see a 360-degree photograph sitting it its own placeholder on the map itself – assuming of course that your Google My Business listing has one to show.

Google Street View image placeholder
360-degree Street View photos get pride of place on Google Maps

But regardless of the scale and scope of your business, and the size of your Google Street View tour, 360-degree panoramas get customers interested in you. A single 360-degree panorama for a café in Sydney has picked up 6K views in under three months – each of these views represents someone making a decision to visit. And don’t forget that this content cost just $199+GST for a single 360-degree panorama. It gets its own placeholder on Google Street View. And it has no ongoing costs

Should I get a Google Street View photographer to help?

We’re biased, but we wouldn’t specialise in producing high-quality Google Street View tours if we didn’t believe that 360-degree panoramas are the best way to engage customers who are looking for businesses and venues like yours.

Even if you don’t have a website, having a 360-degree virtual tour sitting on your Google My Business profile gives you impressive customer engagement for a price that every business can afford. If you have any questions about how it works, what to expect, and how we can get more customers to your door, please get in touch.


Laurence is a Sydney-based media producer and editor. After a long haul as the Head of Creative for a well-known global software company, he now leads YouThere.Media, a production startup specialising in 360 photography and video. He also has a patent for an augmented reality marker, which makes his mother very proud - even though she doesn't really understand what it does.

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