Google Street View photographer - Coffee Shop Cafe Interior

Google Street View. Unbeatable exposure with zero ongoing costs

Adding a 360-degree panoramic photo to your Google My Business listing provides unbeatable exposure on Google Maps and connects you to your customers.
And right now you can do it for just $199+GST

According to an Ipsos survey conducted for Google back in 2014, nearly half of us are using Google Maps, or other location-based tools, to find businesses and services like yours. Given that five years have passed since this survey, it’s highly likely that this figure is far greater.

Today’s businesses all understand the need for a website (or at least a social media platform) to get themselves seen online. But if your customers are searching Google Maps, they won’t see you unless you have a Google My Business listing. And the best way to make your GMB listing stand out on Google Maps is to add at least one 360-degree photograph to your profile.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer
YouThere.Media is a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, so you can rest assured that your images will meed the standards set by Google for 360 Street View photographs.

A Google Street View virtual tour gives you better exposure on Google Maps. Best viewed in full screen.

Do you need Street View photography?

Honestly? You might not. If your business isn’t open to the public, or if it’s not that interesting to look at, then there are better ways to promote it. (Like using AR to add video to your business card.)

On the other hand, if you have an office that you want the world to see, or a venue that looks amazing, then you absolutely should show it off. You’ve worked hard to make it look that good, so why not share it with the thousands of potential customers who are all using map-based data to find businesses just like yours (and your competitors).


Showing, rather than telling, is one of the best ways to build your brand. And an interior 360 panorama comes with benefits you might not have considered: people with impaired mobility can see how accessible your place is, while people with anxiety disorders or autism can virtually visit you to prepare themselves better for when they come to you IRL. Small details like these can make a big difference.

This example is hosted on Polygon, and allows for a more curated virtual tour than a simple Google Street View image.

So how much does a Google Street View tour cost?

Not as much as you might think. We can help you get your business seen on Google Maps and Street View for just $199+GST. And we make sure that we show your business at its best. The table below shows our standard packages, but if what you want isn’t listed, then please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to help.

One-shot 360
The perfect 360 Introduction
Get seen on Google Maps
One 8K HDR 360 panorama
Stitch, de-ghost, and blur
Minimal business disruption
Upload to Google My Business
No ongoing costs
Easy to embed on your website
$50 off SMB 360
GST not included
Request Booking
SMB 360
360-degree virtual tour
Show people how awesome you are
Eight 8K HDR 360 panoramas
Stitch, de-ghost, and blur
Virtual tour creation
Upload to Google My Business
Third-party or self-hosted options
Easy to embed on your website
Your choice of tour format
Full rights transfer (optional)
GST not included
Request Booking
Custom 360
Our premium package
Premium brand-compliant virtual tour
Twenty 8K HDR 360 panoramas
Stitch, de-ghost, and blur
Branded Virtual tour with hotspots
Upload to Google My Business
Map, Floorplan, About Us elements
Standalone tour software (for USBs)
Video and Timelapse options
Self-hosted or cloud-based embed
Full rights transfer
GST not included
Request Booking


Laurence is a Sydney-based media producer and editor. After a long haul as the Head of Creative for a well-known global software company, he now leads YouThere.Media, a production startup specialising in 360 photography and video. He also has a patent for an augmented reality marker, which makes his mother very proud - even though she doesn't really understand what it does.

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