Your phone can already scan a QR or QRARI code

How to scan QR & QRARI codes with your phone. (It’s super-easy!)

Who needs yet another app? Here’s how you can scan QR and QRARI codes using the tools on your smartphone.

QRARI augmented reality marker

QR and QRARI codes use common global standards, which means that just about every phone on the market can recognise them without having to install a new app first.

But if you’re not sure how your phone scans QR codes, then here’s a short guide to point you in the right direction.

Once you’ve found the QR & QRARI scanning method that works best on your phone, you can test it for yourself by downloading and printing the QRARI demo from here.

Apple iOS

It probably won’t come as a surprise to find that Apple provides the simplest user experience when it comes to scanning QR and QRARI codes. iPhones and iPads have QR / QRARI scanning built into the Camera app by default. So just open the Camera app, point it towards the QRARI code, and tap the link that appears.

Android (Stock)

If you’re using a stock Android phone like the Pixel, you can use Google Lens. This can be accessed in a few different ways.

  • Press and hold the home button to bring up the Google Assistant panel and tap the dots in the centre of the panel to reveal the Google Lens icon. Tapping this will open the Camera app in Lens mode.
  • Or, tap the Google Assistant icon that appears in the Google Search bar.
  • Alternatively, open the Camera app, and tap on the More button, then select the Lens option.

Now that the camera is in Lens mode, you can point it at the QRARI code, and tap the screen to tell Lens to scan it. Clicking on the Website button will take you to the content.

If you want to make the Android process more like the iPhone’s instant QR scan, open the Camera app, tap More-Options, then tap the toggle to turn Google Lens Suggestions on.

Android (Samsung Galaxy)

Some phones may be running a version of Android that’s different to the stock OS, so they may not have Google Assistant installed or enabled. This is true of Samsung phones like the Galaxy (S6 and later), but you can still scan QRARI codes using the default browser.

You can enable this function under Extensions in the browser options. Once activated, you can scan QR / QRARI codes by tapping the options button in the top right corner and selecting QR Code Scan.

Alternatively, open the camera app and open Bixby Vision – you’ll find a QR Scan option here.

Of course, if you already have a QR code scanner app installed, then feel free to use it. And if nothing seems to work, you can always just open a browser and enter the short URL provided.

If you have any suggestions about the way your phone reads QR and QRARI codes, please drop a comment below. Your feedback is always welcome!


Laurence is a Sydney-based media producer and editor. After a long haul as the Head of Creative for a well-known global software company, he now leads YouThere.Media, a production startup specialising in 360 photography and video. He also has a patent for an augmented reality marker, which makes his mother very proud - even though she doesn't really understand what it does.

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